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How To Write An Amazing Title For Your Blog Post?

How To Write An Amazing Title For Your Blog Post?

For bloggers, nothing is more important than a strong title for a new blog post. Not only does the title shape or reflect what is to be written in the body of the article, but the title must also provide a succinct summary of what is to be expected from the rest of the piece. Some spend hours trying to perfect their title to no avail, but there are many simple and easy tips and activities which can be used to help brainstorm.

1. Ignore the title for now

If you are having difficulty coming up with a title before beginning a new blog article, do not fret. Many experience this type of difficulty. Try approaching the article from a new angle, and instead of creating the title first, start writing the article itself. By the time you are finished, a title may have made itself obvious. Perhaps there is a key phrase within the article which you believe is especially catchy and even summarizes the main point of the article.

2. Put yourself in their shoes

Try to look at the article from the perspective of a new reader, and think of a title that would best capture the spirit of the article. What phrase would convince you that your article is worth the read? Do not be afraid to make a strong statement within your title, as this is an excellent way to entice readers to read an article. A good way to brainstorm new ideas for a title is to simply write down every single title that pops into your brain. Go through them and ask questions such as, “Would this entice me to read the rest of the article?” or, “Is there a sense of importance or urgency in the title?” Make the reader want to continue reading, otherwise the title will simply be scanned and ignored.

3. Short but sweet
Keep the title as short as possible, with no more than ten words if absolutely necessary. The golden standard is somewhere between three to six words. Remember that while search engines will look at titles and headings first and foremost, it is usually only the first two or three words which the search engine will give the most consideration.

4. Choose words for search engines too

In order to optimize the title for the search engines, include whatever keyword is most applicable within the title in order to increase the potential for traffic. Using words that are searched more often is an important aspect of creating a title. Using words which are not likely to be searched is not a reliable way to increase web traffic. Gear the title to be highly conducive to search engines, and be descriptive enough so that your blog post’s title is unique and can stand out. Generic terms and phrases blend together, and will not improve traffic whatsoever.

5. Utilize HTML tags

Search engines employ the use of programs which are called spider bots, or simply bots, and these programs have the duty of visiting unique web pages and indexing them in order for faster searches on the search engine. Titles are one of the key things which are looked at by these bots, so including a strong, and descriptive title is ultimately one of the most important aspects of writing a blog article.
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