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Blog Vs SEO Articles Know The Difference

Blog Vs SEO Articles Know The Difference

Blogging and article writing have Article writingemerged as new communication approaches that use the power of internet. However, not everyone understands the difference between a simple blog and a good SEO article writing. For some, the two terms may only refer to a piece of writing that has been published on the internet while others, especially experienced writers know the difference.

So to make it clearer to writers and readers, here are some similarities and differences between a regular blog and a SEO article:


Every piece of writing has a goal. And one of the most obvious reasons why writing is essential is because it is a primary form of communication. Blogging is an online creation of day-to-day account of events and telling the story to an audience through the internet. Blogs are generally online journals or documentations of a person’s interests. Blogs use the internet as an avenue for the writer to share to certain readers what goes through his mind. Consequently, there is no specific topic for a blog since it mainly contains personal points and opinions.

SEO articles, on the other hand, are written with the intention of discussing a particular interest to possibly influence the reader. They are created in a detailed manner to answer possible queries from the audience. Such type of writing is also used as a free marketing tool because of its capability to send out the message within a short period of time. It distributes all the necessary information to attract potential clients. Good articles are written in a more professional and informative standpoint.

Simplified, a blog is a writing that can be as impersonal as giving a review about the latest mobile phone in the market while a SEO article would fully describe everything about that particular gadget – features, price, release date, etc.

Content and Grammar

As with any type of writing (whether straight news or a feature story), content and grammar are the most vital elements. The article must be substantial and beneficial to the readers. Content should be well-researched and spellings and sentence structures must be flawless. Also be careful in using synonyms, because not all synonyms are appropriate for a particular sentence. As much as possible, do not use automatic article spinners. They make your paragraphs pointless by substituting your original words with alternatives that do not suit your idea.

Although blogs can be solely based on fictions and personal opinions and professional articles are grounded by facts, both should still be relevant and engaging. One thing that would make the audience stop reading a blog or an article is when they find it incomprehensible and not direct to the point. Always put the most important information in the first few sentences to immediately grab the interest of the readers. Write the supporting details in a creative manner and end the article with something that will leave your readers’ minds thinking.

Use of Keywords

Blogs are generally created to share ideas and not to advertise. And this is why one can rarely find blogs that are stuffed with keywords and links. Although there are blogs that contain words with hyperlinks that point to a different website, it is merely for the purpose of recommending the references of the author to the readers.

When it comes to SEO articles, since the main aim of the writer is to promote, it is important to write with the right keyword phrases in mind. This means that one has to maximize the use of words or phrases that best define the main point of the article.

Simply put, a blog can be published regardless of the density of the keywords in it. SEO articles should have at a keyword density of at least 3-4% per 500 words. But whether blogs or articles, it is crucial to keep the number of links, especially those directing to the same sites, to a minimum. Doing otherwise may risk the post in getting banned by search engines.


Since blogs are used as medium to voice out an opinion about a subject, it’s desirable to use a more informal approach. Casual and conversational sentences and intonation is the most appropriate to lure audiences in. The writer should sound as if talking to a close friend and not creating a letter addressed to a CEO of a company.

SEO articles on the other hand need to be more formal and informative. It should impose authority to the readers because what the readers are primarily looking for is credibility. It should now, however, be intimidating. Articles should be descriptive enough to be relevant to all types of people. Do not use terms that would require the reader to look up for the meaning in the dictionary.
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