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10 Reasons That Make Me Use Gmail

10 Reasons That Make Me Use Gmail

10 Reasons That Make Me Use Gmail - There are many e-mail service providers in the web. Almost all of them offer same features. The only differences are size some offer unlimited storage while some offer a few Gigabytes. Also there are differences in looks and layouts of various e-mail providers. Some of the most popular and most used e-mail services are G-Mail, Yahoo, Rediff, Hotmail, Etc. They offer almost same features.

Well the most popular email service is “G-Mail” from Google. Almost all the people love G-Mail. Its my favorite one. Well to like G-Mail there are many reasons. Ever feature of G-Mail can be a reason to like it!

Why I Like G-Mail?

1.) Offers Lots Of Storage Space:- G-Mail offers more than 7 GB storage space. Some providers do provide unlimited storage space, but I don’t think one’s inbox ever crosses even 1 GB unless one has lots of large sized attachments. So 7 GB is sufficient for me and also many others.

2.) Easy And Fast Navigation: Navigating between various pages in G-Mail is very easy. One can move between sent items, inbox, etc. very easily and quickly!

3.) Easy E-Mail Searching: Searching and finding e-mails in G-Mail is very fast and easy. Just we need to enter some keywords and the search results appear quickly. Be it 1000 e-mails or be it 10,000 e-mails, all e-mails are searched fast and accurately. I call it as magic search!
4.) Quick Chatting: Another feature that makes me use G-Mail is the quick chat section in the sidebar. Its very fast and also takes very less load on our browser. Chatting is very easy within G-Mail interface.

5.) Easy Contacts Management: Managing our contacts in G-Mail is as easy as 1-2-3. We can add our own categories like Family, Friends, Etc. We can also add along with e-mails, phone numbers, address, birthdays, etc. So G-Mail is like my contact management tool!

6.) Wide Variety Of Themes: Although I use the default theme most of the times, I love the various themes offered by G-Mail. It adds fun in using G-Mail!

7.) Some Super Cool Functions: I love the “Send E-Mail As” function of G-Mail. Also I like auto responder function in G-Mail. Well you might think, almost all e-mail providers provide these features, what’s new? Well you are right, but to use them is very easy in G-Mail. No complicated enabling/disabling functions at G-Mail.

8.) G-Mail Labs: I can’t express how much I like this feature of G-Mail. This feature enhances G-Mail further. It adds various new functions in G-Mail like sending SMS, adding images in G-Mail, etc. Labs helps us make G-Mail advanced!

9.) All At One Place: All Google services like Orkut, Buzz, Picasa, etc. can be opened with one G-Mail id, makes it a wonderful reason for me to like G-Mail. Also as Buzz is built in G-Mail makes its use easy.

10.) Share the tenth reason with me. I’m sure you too like G-Mail, so for you it won’t be hard to give a reason for your liking. So please share your views on G-Mail with us. If you like it give us a reason why you like it or if you don’t like it please mention why? Thanks for reading.
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