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How To Create Your First Blog Impressive?

How To Create Your First Blog Impressive?

A blog is an excellent place to share your interest and news with family, friends and other people around the world. Blogs is the place where the user can get full rights over their stuff and sharing options unlike the other social networking sites such as Orkut, hi5, bebo and more.

A blog is more or less seems to be a website as it has an individual domain name, extensions like .com, .net, .uk, .co.in, .co.ca, etc, a colorful page, and links which directs to their respective contents and more.

Difference between a blog and a Website:

The main difference between a blog and a website is the easy to create option and display of the contents. This simple difference made blogging more popular there are some important points which must be remembered to create an impressive blog.

There is no need of HTML coding knowledge as one need it to create a website because blogging is just a button click to publish new posts and carry on with the article without any knowledge in HTML or other coding. Even creation or installation a of blog does not need any Coding insight, just a click in Fantastico will do.

There are basic and valid steps to be followed while creating an impressive blog and some are as follows:

Domain Names:

Usually blogs have their own domain names and extensions and the user who have plans to create a new blog can purchase their favorite domain name from several domain name providers. The domain name should be unique and impressive which should bring a professional attitude to the blog which will attract more visitors. Try registering .com domains with no numbers in it and also avoid hyphens. Check out instant domain name search and search for available domain names quickly.

Hosting Service:

The next step to create an impressive blog is to choose the best hosting service. The process may seem to be a simple one but it plays an essential role in providing an impressive blog. Choose a reputable host. I suggest you to use HostGator. Always blog on self hosted blogs, paid hosts I mean to say. Never choose a free blog host as it may ruin your blog badly.

Blogging Software:

The next important step in creating an impressive blog is the blogging software which is nothing but can be installed using Fantastico. Yes blogging software will help the user to create the blog in an easier way else the blogging creation would have been a tedious job like a website creation. There are many blogging software or scripts you may call them available in the web market. Mostly the best blogging scripts are available for free like WordPress, etc.

Topic and Content:

The final thing to be mentioned here about creating an impressive blog is the topic of the blog as the content of the blog plays a vital role for its success. Most of the people visit the blog only if they find any interesting topic which fills their requirement. So those who are interested in creating new blogs can choose updated and most favorite topic for their blog to impress all types of people. The user should make sure that the topics in their blogs are up to date and also they need to post articles in a daily basis. The topic should cover all types and age of people so that they can get a huge traffic for their first blog.

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